Sunday, August 23, 2015

Favorite author

My favorite author is Margaret Jensen. I learned about her books when my husband was working at Moody Bible Institute years ago. Everyone was reading her books. Margaret Jensen was a pastor's daughter. Her writing style is easy to read, you will laugh and cry with her. Her first book- First We Have Coffee, I knew of many of the places in Chicago that she talked about. Her next book was, Lena, a black cook that she worked with at the college where she was school nurse. Lena was a prayer warrior and encouraged her concerning one of her sons that was unsaved. This is a book I've read many times, when I've been down or discouraged about unanswered prayer request. Violets for Mr. B, was about her many experiences as a nurse. All of these were ones that you just don't want to put down until you are finished.

Thursday, January 1, 2015

2015- New Years Day

wow-I have blown it already. Life struggles never seem to match up how you expect them too . Lord quiet my heart change me to be more like you. Let the words of my tongue be kind. I was looking through pictures of a friend last night. She was having children same time as I, we both lived in Chicago are. Our names both Linda- our first children's name Jason Matthew. Her birthday was day before mine. Both have 2 boys and a girl. Only the girl is married just like my children. I haven't seen them since they were small, I remember their cute faces, things they did and said. In all the pictures is a picture of my friend's grave stone- she's been gone 10yrs now. Brain cancer. How quickly our lives come and go. Yrs fly. Raising our children, it seems like forever in the difficult stages. We need a perspective in those 20yrs. Treasure each moment, thankful for them both good and bad. Soon gone, we cannot call them back. Forward on to our future- reliance on Christ- to become more like him.

Friday, January 24, 2014

Letting Go

Letting Go is something I am not good at. I love being a mom and I love each of my children dearly. I am excited to be adding one more to the family when my daughter gets married in Oct. 2014. Nathan's 24 Birthday was yesterday-
Nathan is the Marine and Mike- son-in-law to be is the fireman. Jason our oldest moved to the Los Angeles area, has new IT job, and loves it out there.
Sarah is our middle Child.
Mike- soon to be son

Christmas 2013

It was very quiet Christmas this yr. Jason having moved to California, Nathan already being out there. The boys are really missed. Sarah and Her fiancee spent Christmas day (evening) with us. It was a wonderful time.
Jason and Nathan spent Christmas with my side of the family in Northern Calif. So they had a warm Christmas.


I am trying to keep track of all the books I've read this year. This winter it will be a lot after being in so much from all the snow and sub-zero temps. Stars in My Crown- Joe David Brown. Dana's Valley- Janette Oke Terrific Garden tonics- Jerry Baker Drummer Boy at Bull Run- Gilbert Morris Yankee Belles in Dixie-Gilbert Morris The Soldier Boy's Discovery- Gilbert Morris Bring the Boys Home- Gilbert Morris
Container Gardening -- Stephanie Donaldson

Much Needed Time Out.

Fri., Sat., Sun., I was gone on some much needed time out. I go to this ladies' conference every year. A mini vacation for me, away from the everyday stuff going on. Most of needed- time to refresh my soul, a renewing. We go to McCormick's Creek in Southern Indiana. I go with my friend Karen - we usually leave early and take our time going down, stopping anywhere we want to. Karen is like energizer bunny- always on the go. She wears many hats - mom (of 5, only 2 at home), wife, photography, she's on sound team at her church, friend, mentor. Her kids grew up with mine.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Mother's Day

I have been working on Mother's day gifts. Here are the gift boxes I have made. These were cardboard boxes I purchase at Michaels - painted with pink pearl (Martha Stewart's paints) One has glass squares, with scrapbook scrabble ties. Other had a picture with a rub on.